German proofreader and copyeditor

The Website German Proofreader offers a selection of German professional freelance proofreaders who are available at your convenience for all your proofreading requirements. When you search for a proofreader you can relax knowing we have selected the very best proofreaders who will carry out your requirements with efficiency and expertise.

Every proofreader needs a fluency in the German lanuage and this will ensure your German publications are free of grammatical and contextual errors. International companies looking to have their publications printed in German will require expert proofreaders for the job in hand.

A professional proofreader will have the accuracy required to ensure your publication is ready for print and has every detail edited perfectly. Using proofreaders‘ marks, every word is scanned for errors. Once all edits are noted, the document or manuscript will be returned to you for the final draft before publication. Freelance proofreaders work for many clients and are flexible with their time.

There are many texts which a company may need proofreading. Media is a large area where proofreaders are required. For example, articles for global publications require proofreaders to proof translations from one language to another. Books which are to be published in many languages will use a proofreader in the language the book is being translated to. Proofreaders are also used in art before production to detect errors on graphics. Law companies may need legal documents to be proofread after translation. For these jobs, sworn proofreaders are used.

All text, whether manuscript or computerised is looked over thoroughly from the first word to the last. Proofreaders do not cut corners and their duties are highly skilled. Everything which the typist or writer has written will be checked and double-checked for errors. Proofreaders may work with a second proofreader on certain jobs and no stone is left unturned when it comes to text.

Contact between a German copyeditor and client can be carried out via email, telephone or fax. All contact details are used exclusively for the duration of the contract. The contact form can be used to contact up to eight professionals rather than relying on one proofreader. Searching for proofreaders is completely free of charge and clients have an extensive database of professional proofreaders to choose from.

Payment terms will vary widely. This all depends on the amount of proofreading the client is asking for. Once the client has chosen a proofreader, then the terms of payment will be addressed between the proofreader and the client.

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